Tips For Fine-Tuning Your Green Cleaning

Everyone has always liked the smell of a freshly cleaned building. But now facility managers want to know that they can achieve a fresh, clean Tips for Fine Tuning you Green Cleaning Programenvironment with safer products.

Fortunately, today’s green products deliver the same performance as traditional cleaning products but are safer for the environment – and for the employees using them.

A true Green Cleaning Program isn’t just about chemicals – it’s about systems and products that become the way of life. Here are a few easy tips that will help you launch an effective Spring or year-round Green Cleaning Program:

1.  Stop dirt at the door.

Many green cleaning methods don’t involve chemicals at all. For example, adding a high quality entrance mat will help keep dirt from coming into your building. Since 80% of dirt that enters the building comes from people who walk in, this is an easy way to reduce cleanup inside.  Using mats that are at least 15 ft. long at building entrances will stop most of the dirt from coming in.

2.  Improve your air quality in minutes.

Just change your air filters – and be sure to maintain your systems regularly. Air quality ranks in the top 5 issues related to building cleanliness.  The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that indoor air may be 2 to 5 times as polluted as the air outside. You can help reduce the spread of pollutants and germs throughout your building with regular filter changes and HVAC maintenance.

3.  Take a hard look at your chemicals, tools and processes.

Are they really green? As you consider what you’re currently using, ask yourself:

  • Is there a product available that is less toxic?
  • Are the products we use certified by a 3rd party organization?

This means that someone else has verified that the ingredients and performance meet established green requirements. Recognized organizations include: Green Seal®, Eco-logo®, or Designed For the Environment® (DfE). If an organization has a Green self-certified program, be sure to ask for their criteria/testing methods so you know you’re not getting “green washed”.

  • Can I use a chemical dilution system to ensure accuracy and reduce packaging and other waste?
  • Can I use a product that allows me to use fewer chemicals?
  • Can my cleaning tools be greener?  Am I using equipment that will help reduce chemical usage and/or water waste? Am I using microfiber pads and cloths? Am I using paper or tools that are made from recyclable materials?

4.  Get a green cleaning audit.

Your local Zep® Sales & Service representative can help you assess your current methods and ensure your Green Cleaning Program is truly green. Find more professional green cleaning solutions at, or by requesting a Zep Green Cleaning audit from a Zep representative at 1-877 I BUY ZEP (1-877-428-9937).

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    Excellent post! I just stumbled upon your blog page and gathered some good ideas for what I am working on. Cheers!

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