Quality Dispensing Platforms and Food Safety go “Hand-in-Hand”

It should come as no surprise that the CDC identifies washing hands as the most important step in preventing the spread of infection. In the Food retail and service industries, clean hands are also a key step in preventing product contamination.  This is why an effective hand care platform is a critical component in the fight against germs — to keep both food and food industry employees safe, not to mention customers.

As you research hand care platforms for your office, business, restaurant or other facility, you’ll need to consider both dispensers and product offerings from each company.


Depending on your needs, you may need dispensers designed to perform in adverse environmental conditions like Food Plants, where high humidity or extreme cold are common.  You’ll also want to consider  how much product is needed per hand wash and the number of washes per bottle.  Knowing how often you’ll need to replenish product is as important as the cost of each bottle and factors into total cost of ownership.

Fuzion Touchless, our premium no-touch technology dispenser, ensures that workers do not transfer microbes from their hands to the dispenser.   You may want to consider a touchless dispenser for your facility as well, depending on the level of safety and cleanliness required.  Additionally, you’ll want to note whether the dispensers are ADA compliant and whether there is a warranty or guarantee on their operation.

Hand Soap Products:

Many dispenser platforms include a diverse selection of hand soap products formulated for versatility.  This ensures that the same dispenser units can serve many purposes within a single business and across many industries.  Uses can vary widely including bathrooms, gym showers, kitchens, classrooms, meat counters, loading docks, and any other other settings where germs may lurk.

If you are working in a food environment that requires additional safety, we’d recommend an antimicrobial soap that is chlorine- and PCMX-free, and leaves no residual odor.  Our Foaming E-2 hand soap is ideal for critical areas such as the RTE (ready to eat) processing area and is designed for use in all departments of USDA-regulated food processing environments.  If you need a soap for similar purposes, make sure it will kill common food-borne microbes like Listeria, E-coli and Salmonella.

So why do you need a comprehensive hand care platform?

A new handcare platform can be your first step toward a cleaner workspace and healthier workforce and clientele, and an opportunity to save.  In addition to reduced absenteeism, you can benefit from lower cost of illness, increased productivity, and in some cases even make strides toward green initiatives or LEED certification.  Not to mention what you may save on cleaning products themselves just by upgrading from outdated hardware and products.

For more information on Fuzion and other Zep products designed for Food Safety and Protection, visit http://www.zepfooddivision.com/products/hand-care.html

If you’re interested in applying Fuzion in other settings, visit http://www.zep.com/fuzion.html

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