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Banish Reclaim Pit Odor

Hang around a car wash and it won’t be long before you sniff it out.

The odor, that is. That stink that emanates from the reclaim holding tanks under tunnel car washes. It’s there all the time, but it gets even worse in warmer weather.

It’s a big problem, and not just because of the smell. The smell is caused by the decaying organic material in the reclaim tanks.

So car wash owners try bleach. But it doesn’t work.

They try masking agents, like fragrances. But it doesn’t work because sometimes the odor of the fragrance is worse than the odor of the reclaim tanks, plus the fragrances add to the contaminant loading of the water, which is a problem for reclaim systems.

They try degreasers. But that doesn’t work either.

Why not?

Bleach, fragrances and degreasers don’t break down the organic matter, which is the root of the problem and the cause of the odor. You can’t get rid of the smell without digesting the solids in the tanks.

That’s exactly what Zep’s Reclaim System Odor Control two-part treatment is designed to do – to treat the problem at its root by using bacteria to break down the fats, oils, greases and hydro carbons.

The first step is like “shock treatment.” Twenty (20) quick-release, effervescent bacterial tablets are released into the holding tanks. Each tab contains BILLIONS of hungry bacteria.

The second step is like preventive medicine. It’s a weekly “booster” that keeps the bacteria active and the system in top shape. More bacteria is released by slow-dissolving purple pucks. It’s a one-two punch that delivers a continuous natural bacterial dosage to the reclaim pits.

Zep’s Reclaim System Odor Control treats the odor that inevitably builds up, especially in those warm summer months, and keeps it from ever coming back.

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